Thorough Home Assessments


When you find the house of your dreams in the perfect location, and at a price you can afford, it is understandable that you will be excited. You want to move things along quickly and get moved in, but you should take a moment to consider the hidden risks. Every buyer and seller should have at least a basic inspection before closing on, or selling a home. Sellers can quickly address problems or adjust their price to reflect the house’s health. Buyers generally want to invest in a house that is structurally sound and without large surprises that will burden them financially at a later date. A home inspection offers both parties a win-win solution and peace of mind.

A home inspection performed by a certified inspector is an impartial, qualified opinion of the condition of the property. The purpose of the inspection is to ascertain if there are any significant problems with the structure, internal mechanisms, and more. We examine all components of the home and then provide you with a report of our findings. Our inspections usually last two to three hours and, if possible, we suggest that you attend the inspection so that we can explain to you any problems as we find them.

As highly qualified professionals with certifications from multiple leading inspection associations, along with years of industry experience and a strict SOP, we can provide you with the most comprehensive information about your home possible. Contact a Mirkwood Home Inspector today to schedule your inspection, and have confidence in knowing your next home is in good condition.

Our Inspections


Our inspector will conduct a complete inspection of the property, including any crawlspace under the home and climbing onto the roof if safe to do so, to identify any issues that may be current or future problems.


Our inspector shall, if safe to do so, use a ladder to gain access to the roof and inspect and describe the roofing material, drainage, flashing, and more. If the roof is not accessible, our inspector will use a drone to inspect the roof. Roofing can be an expensive fix. If a homeowner lets problems go, their oversight can lead to thousands of dollars in damage to not only the roof but the home too.

Plumbing & Drainage

We check all faucets and shower heads for any leaks, or dripping, and also test the water pressure. Small plumbing leaks can occur without the homeowner being aware.


We identify the type of wiring used in the home and test every outlet to make sure they are wired correctly and any GFCI outlets are functional. We also check the main electrical panel, breaker box, and fuses. Other issues we might find are reversed polarity, double taps, and damaged wiring. Damaged and faulty wiring is a major concern. This can lead to house fires and property damage, which includes neighboring homes.


Your home’s structural integrity is the single most important aspect. If the foundation has faults, it puts the rest of the house at risk. You should be prepared if you’re purchasing a home with any type of structural damage and receive estimates to repair the problems.

Windows & Doors

Each window and external door in the home will be inspected to make sure they all operate properly.


We look at the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, estimating the age of the air handler and compressor, whether the system is functioning correctly, and if necessary, recommend any further investigation or repairs.


We check the perimeter of the building for any cracks or deteriorating caulking, assess steps and decks, check walkways and driveways, gauge water heater age, and so much more.

Get Started Today

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After the inspection is complete we will provide you with a comprehensive report, complete with photographs, showing our findings and whether they are cosmetic, minor, major, or in need of immediate attention. Our priority is to give you peace of mind in your upcoming home purchase. Knowing the overall condition of the property will help in your decision-making, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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